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Susquehanna - S

Near Havre De Grace, Maryland, from 2008 to 2017

Geolocation is 39.5404, -76.0736

Data in red are more than 3 hours old.

A CBIBS buoy was deployed off Havre de Grace at the mouth of the Susquehanna River from September 13, 2008, to December 8, 2017. This buoy was pulled each winter to keep it safe from potential ice damage, so there are data gaps each year roughly from December through March. Other intermittent data gaps exist. The buoy was visible from locations along the Harford and Cecil County shorelines, including Havre de Grace's Concord Point and Promenade area. Data from when the buoy was deployed are are available via data tools.

On August 2, 1608, the Virginia Company explorers went as far north as the falls above current-day Havre de Grace near Port Deposit on the Susquehanna River. Captain John Smith and his group of explorers spent several days exploring the northern reaches of the Chesapeake Bay, and met with a group of Susquehannock Indians who had traveled south from Pennsylvania to meet them.

Today, citizens on both sides of the Susquehanna River appreciate their region's unique maritime history. The Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway links the area's natural, historic, and cultural resources.

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