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Stingray Point - SR

Near Deltaville, Virginia

Geolocation is 37.5672, -76.2574

Data in red are more than 3 hours old.
Parameter Group Sort Value Unit Date Graphs
Barometric PressureMeteorological130.4inches2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Wind GustMeteorological19.5kts2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Water Freezing PointWaterQuality230.3F2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Air TemperatureMeteorological137.8F2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Current SpeedCurrents40.270kts2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Current DirectionCurrents4144Deg. Mag.2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
LatitudePosition537.56721Degrees2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
LongitudePosition5-76.26267Degrees2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Wave Direction (From)Waves312Deg. Mag.2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Significant Wave HeightWaves30.97ft2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Mean Wave PeriodWaves32.8s2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Water SalinityWaterQuality217.6PSU2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Water TemperatureWaterQuality242.4F2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Wind DirectionMeteorological1308Deg. Mag.2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30
Wind SpeedMeteorological17.3kts2023-02-07 02:12 EST1 7 30

A buoy was first deployed at Stingray Point on July 19, 2008. While this buoy is located far enough south that it has remained in the water over winters, intermittent data gaps do exist due to equipment failures. 

On July 17, 1608, Captain John Smith and his group of explorers ran aground at the mouth of the Rappahannock River. While they waited for the tide to come up, Smith speared a ray while fishing. The ray stung Smith in the wrist, and Smith's arm, shoulder, and chest swelled from the ray's toxin. Fearing death, Smith discussed funeral plans with his group. A doctor with the group assisted, and by evening, Smith was well enough to eat the ray for dinner. The location has been called Stingray Point ever since.

Today, Deltaville, a small community whose population swells each year during the summer vacation season, is located near Stingray Point. Many residents and visitors enjoy boating on the Rappahannock River and Bay. The Stingray Point CBIBS buoy is roughly a mile off shore.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you head out.

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Data from the buoy is available via data tools.