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Norfolk - N

Near Norfolk, Virginia, from 2008 to 2016

Geolocation is 36.8455, -76.298

Data in red are more than 3 hours old.

A CBIBS buoy was deployed in the Elizabeth River off Norfolk from September 28, 2008, to May 14, 2016. There are intermittent gaps in the data. Data from the buoy was deployed are available via data tools

Captain John Smith and his crew explored the Elizabeth River in September 1608. Captain Smith described the River as a "narrow river...that hath a good channel" and observed that the River's shores were "overgrown with the largest pine and fir trees we ever saw in this country." Those natural features and resources were a magnet for settlers and spurred the growth of Hampton Roads as a commercial and military hub. Shipyards, coal and cargo ports, and the world's largest U.S. Navy base occupy much of the nearby shorelines; upstream, industries dot the Elizabeth River's banks. While heavily industrialized, the River is greatly enjoyed by recreational boaters who can find quiet creeks nearby in which to enjoy woodlands, wetlands, and wildlife. For more information on the area, visit:

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